RSCRevolution is dead…

The once great RSCRevolution is now dying a slow, painful death. The online player count peaks out at 40 players. The average online count is ~ 30 players.

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are currently 28 players online. Keep in mind, that is not an unique player count. If someone is logged in on 2 or 3 characters, that means even less than 28 individual people are actually playing. Even worse, there are 119,237 characters and only 28 of those characters are actively playing at this time.

Over the past few weeks, RSCEmulation has been more populated. It appears that a lot of RSCRevolution players transferred/moved over to RSCEmulation. It may be a suitable place for runescape classic lovers to play at.

DMM Season 3 – Coming soon…

RSCRevolution is a professional server that guarantees updates in a timely manner, for instance DMM (Dead Man Mode). It was announced that on June 5th, 2019 it would be “coming soon!”.

June 5th…July 5th… August 5th… September 5th… still no DMM! Maybe August 5th? LOL.

Former troll, Mod Prox had something to say about this…”  we’re doing our best atm to finish up dmm testing, there are still a few bugs here and there and other tweaks that we’re discussing and trying to finalize as quickly as we possibly can”. This wasn’t posted yesterday or a week ago, this was posted back on July 15th.

As of today, September 21st 2019, there are 11 staff team members, which include the following:

Nisti, n0m, Kleio, Mod Terror, Mod Rapps, Mod Sanka, Mod Umba, Uncle, Mod Prox, Mod Vinkie, Mod Britz.

With this all-star line up they still have not released DMM, which you may be aware of, had 2 years of DMM prior and still can’t duplicate it and release it… They aren’t reinventing the wheel here, they are releasing the same DMM each year with minor changes.

Maybe next year?

Former Admin? You are trash now.

Are you considering devoting a lot of hours to your favorite RSC hobby? If you are considering RSCRevolution — think again!

The past 3 admins were thanked for their job by IP banning them and deleting their posts. You heard me right, an administrator who devotes a minimum of 4 hours a day, for free, gets IP banned and/or posts deleted once they resign.

Pepsi – The latest admin, resigned after disagreements with the owner, developer. A staff member logged on her account and deleted her posts.

Billy – He was IP banned after he resigned/forced out AFTER purchasing the server (this deal was taken back by n0m). ALL of his characters were banned, including Billy Mays, is maxed character.

Pluto – He resigned and all of his posts were deleted.

More mods than players? Nearly!

At the time of this posting there are 56 active players…Having seen the player count vs. unique count, I can safely say that the actual, unique online active player base is 28. A simple equation if 56 divided by 2. No, each person does not play on two clients at the same time, however one person may run 4 clients. It’s dirty math, and pretty accurate.

rscrevolution online count
What a horrible color choice.

To the point of this post…there are 28 active, unique players. How many staff members? 11!

Staff members: Nisti, n0m, Kleio, Mod Terror, Mod Prox, Mod Rapps, Mod Sanka, Mod Britz, Mod Umba, Uncle, Mod Vinkie.

rscrevolution staff team

There are more mods than usual and less players than usual…Correlation is not causation but it may be worth checking out.

A divisive community at best.

Hot off the presses, we have the Fort Poll results. If you are unsure of what this means, it’s a poll to determine if, in the wilderness, you should be able to login one character in the fort, or two.

The major disagreement is that one team has a bigger team than the other, so 1 IP makes sense since they have more unique players. The team with less people want 2 IP so they can make fairer battles.

Finally, we have a verdict as the poll results have came in minutes ago, we can finally put this debate to bed!

Fort Poll Results

Which Fort restriction would you prefer?

51% – 1 IP | 35 votes 49% – 2 IP | 33 votes

Source: n0m

…Uh oh! I guess we can’t put this to a close, LoL.

The debate will continue.

Till next time,

The great, the beautiful, the wood cutting machine,


UPDATE: July 29th, 2019: Even though 1 IP won,the fort restriction is now 2 IP. Cheers!

RSCRevolution changes host!

We have breaking news ladies and folk. RSCRevolution has changed host and this is big for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s no longer hosted in Canada. It’s now hosted in… Amsterdam! The #1 place where NO ONE EVER has a website hosted. What a terrible decision. They will regret this soon.
  2. It’s with a different webhosting provider. It was with bandwith ulimited, or something like that. Now it’s with Hydra Communications Ltd. They pay between £60.00 – £75.00 a month for this beefy server.
  3. This host change is suppose to bring a lot of people back –why? I have no idea. This reasoning is absurd to me but this is what n0m expects. News flash — changing a webhosting provider doesn’t magically make players come back unless they are pure stupid.

PS: We received a tip that Kleio pays for all hosting fees while n0m manages it.

That concludes the breaking news. Tune in next time for breaking news covering RSCRevolution.

Will it survive?

Will RSCRevolution survive? My 2 cents.

Yes, RSCRevolution will survive — this can mean that a handful play the server, it would still be considered ‘surviving’. This will eventually happen. Someone told me it would do the opposite — it will grow past 200 players on at a given time. Sorry, that’s a fanciful hope. The last people to be playing RSCRevolution are going to be of two groups of people

A. the loyalists – those that have played for 3+ years and have devoted hundreds, if not thousands of hours into the game.

B. new players – those new players that do not know the shit storm they are able to walk into…nothing you can do to help them, but they will find out after a few months.

The end.

PS: if n0m leaves the server it will crash and burn. Mark my words.