Will it survive?

Will RSCRevolution survive? My 2 cents.

Yes, RSCRevolution will survive — this can mean that a handful play the server, it would still be considered ‘surviving’. This will eventually happen. Someone told me it would do the opposite — it will grow past 200 players on at a given time. Sorry, that’s a fanciful hope. The last people to be playing RSCRevolution are going to be of two groups of people

A. the loyalists – those that have played for 3+ years and have devoted hundreds, if not thousands of hours into the game.

B. new players – those new players that do not know the shit storm they are able to walk into…nothing you can do to help them, but they will find out after a few months.

The end.

PS: if n0m leaves the server it will crash and burn. Mark my words.

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