RSCRevolution changes host!

We have breaking news ladies and folk. RSCRevolution has changed host and this is big for 3 reasons:

  1. It’s no longer hosted in Canada. It’s now hosted in… Amsterdam! The #1 place where NO ONE EVER has a website hosted. What a terrible decision. They will regret this soon.
  2. It’s with a different webhosting provider. It was with bandwith ulimited, or something like that. Now it’s with Hydra Communications Ltd. They pay between £60.00 – £75.00 a month for this beefy server.
  3. This host change is suppose to bring a lot of people back –why? I have no idea. This reasoning is absurd to me but this is what n0m expects. News flash — changing a webhosting provider doesn’t magically make players come back unless they are pure stupid.

PS: We received a tip that Kleio pays for all hosting fees while n0m manages it.

That concludes the breaking news. Tune in next time for breaking news covering RSCRevolution.

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