More mods than players? Nearly!

At the time of this posting there are 56 active players…Having seen the player count vs. unique count, I can safely say that the actual, unique online active player base is 28. A simple equation if 56 divided by 2. No, each person does not play on two clients at the same time, however one person may run 4 clients. It’s dirty math, and pretty accurate.

rscrevolution online count
What a horrible color choice.

To the point of this post…there are 28 active, unique players. How many staff members? 11!

Staff members: Nisti, n0m, Kleio, Mod Terror, Mod Prox, Mod Rapps, Mod Sanka, Mod Britz, Mod Umba, Uncle, Mod Vinkie.

rscrevolution staff team

There are more mods than usual and less players than usual…Correlation is not causation but it may be worth checking out.

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