A divisive community at best.

Hot off the presses, we have the Fort Poll results. If you are unsure of what this means, it’s a poll to determine if, in the wilderness, you should be able to login one character in the fort, or two.

The major disagreement is that one team has a bigger team than the other, so 1 IP makes sense since they have more unique players. The team with less people want 2 IP so they can make fairer battles.

Finally, we have a verdict as the poll results have came in minutes ago, we can finally put this debate to bed!

Fort Poll Results

Which Fort restriction would you prefer?

51% – 1 IP | 35 votes 49% – 2 IP | 33 votes

Source: n0m

…Uh oh! I guess we can’t put this to a close, LoL.

The debate will continue.

Till next time,

The great, the beautiful, the wood cutting machine,


UPDATE: July 29th, 2019: Even though 1 IP won,the fort restriction is now 2 IP. Cheers!

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